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Meet the Tamil Nadu candidate for President poll

Chennai, June 16(tamilnaducentral):As one keeps guessing about AIADMK groups voting for BJP’s Presidential candidate, a man from Salem has filed his nomination for the top post. He has not sought the help of any legislators or MPs to back him. He had contested against all big names in the politics When Manmohan Singh candidature for

Mannargudi makes BJP squirm over President poll

Chennai, May 2(tamilnaducentral): BJP is now facing opposition by EPS group  that is  backed by Mannargudi clan. This would affect the chances of the Presidential candidate that BJP will put up in July polls. Political analysts say that BJP  thought by raiding Health minister’s house and putting Dinakaran in jail, EPS and his 122 MLAs

Presidential poll makes AIADMK important

Chennai, Jan 9(tamilnaducentral): The Presidential poll scheduled to take place in July and August this year has made AIADMK numbers in Parliament and State Assembly important to BJP. The main concern is that central intelligence agencies have said that there is resentment in the legislative party of AIADMK towards Sasikala being CM. 35 MLAs are