Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2016 Archive

Bus corporations launder old notes and bank heist

Chennai, Nov 19 (tamilnaducentral): Tamil Nadu State bus corporations are depositing Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes with banks, as per a report shown in a Tamil private channel.  Rs 25 lakh cash, all in old notes were stolen near the Chennai airport. The depositing of collections of the MTC in the IOB bank in

Gautami, Modi, Jayalalithaa and Deepavali

Chennai, Oct 28(tamilnaducentral): For the first time  in 25 years, Jayalalithaa did not wish the citizens of Tamil Nadu a happy Deepavali. Actress Gautami today met PM Modi at his office. As AIADMK workers kept off from Deepavali festivities  with Jayalalithaa in the Apollo hospital, cracker sales have dropped by 50%, say sellers. AIADMK party

Former AIADMK MLA Pazha Karuppaiah joins DMK

Chennai,July 20(tamilnaducentral): Pazha Karuppaiah, former AIADMK MLA joined DMK on Tuesday. He was expelled by the AIADMK  supremo J Jayalalithaa in January from the primary membership of the party after he made some derogatory comments on some Ministers. Subsequently, he resigned from the Assembly. Pazha Karuppaiah told pressmen that he had mentally become a DMK functionary on

NOTA ranks a better bet than PWF

Chennai, May 20(tamilnaducentral): NOTA option fared  better than DMDK- PWF alliance. In many constituencies including high-profile Anna Nagar, NOTA votes were more than the votes secured by the winning candidate. Naam Tamilar which made its debut in electoral politics got 1.1 % voter share which is more than the age old parties like the Left

Captain and Congress upsets DMK victory

Chennai, May19 (tamilnaducentral): DMK and allies have notched up 104 seats and AIADMK is leading in 127 seats. By noon, the voting percentage show that if DMK had brought DMDK on board it could have turned the tables. Scondly the largesse of seats to Congress by DMK has hit them badly. The election has send

Exit pollsters have a rethink on DMK victory

Chennai, May18 (tamilnaducentral): Exit pollsters are having a rethink on  the  results that show DMK is set for a win. India Today exit poll had given DMK the edge over AIADMK in Tamil Nadu. It was put out as soon as voting was over on Monday. By night, Rajdeep Sardesai the Consulting Editor of India

Vanishing voter ink in R K Nagar ?

Chennai, May17(tamilnaducentral): R K Nagar, the constituency from where Jayalalithaa is seeking mandate has the dubious distinction of ink put on voter’s finger vanishing after 15 minutes. Added to this, the booths in this constituency faced a 45 minute power cut. Similarly in North Madras too, there were power cuts during polling time. Election Commission CEO