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MSSRF – TATA conference on Nutrition

Chennai, Aug 8 (tamilnaducentral): The way in which agriculture can make a difference to nutrition, was the focus of the Farming System for Nutrition conference organized by MSSRF in partnership with TATA Trusts in Chennai today. Speaking at the inauguration, Karnataka Agriculture Minister Shri Krishna Byre Gowda spoke about how biases against nutritious foods need to

Divya Sathyaraj warns of nutritional products

Chennai, June 20 (tamilnaducentral): Divya Sathyaraj, a clinical nutritionist and daughter of actor Sathyaraj, in a statement spoke about how representatives from a US company threatened her to prescribe their nutritional product that was not approved and had no scientific validity. The product was found to have contained an overdose of vitamins which could lead to hypervitaminosis, which

World Food Prize winners announced

Chennai, July 1(tamilnaducentral) : Prof M S Swaminathan, Founder MSSRF, who is the Chairman of the Selection Committee for the World Food Prize, announced the winners. The World Food Prize that recognises outstanding work by individuals towards enhancing quality, quantity or availability food in the world will be awarded this year for four individuals for their work on

Vcare launches herbal hair care dye

Chennai,Mar7(tamilnaducentral) :Vcare Herbal Concepts is now launching a new product under the tree called BLACK MAGIC to redefine your hair care. It is a 5-in-1 powder hair colour with natural conditioner and Ammonia free. It is priced at Rs.17/- per pack. Vcare says: “Our aim to develop this product is to make people look young

Chennai sitting on bio-med waste bomb

Chennai, Jan7(tamilnaducentral): Chennai, Kanchipuram , Cuddalore and Thiruvalur hospitals are functioning without any facility to store and dispose of bio-medical waste. National Green Tribunal(NGT) giving a verdict on a PIL threatened to close down private hospitals that did not respond to the show cause notice. Government hospitals were spared as majority of them had applied

Total ortho care in Kauvery Hospital

Chennai, July 1(tamilnaducentral):Kauvery Hospital, a hospital chain with 4 branches including Tiruchi and Chennai, is Chennai’s only multi-speciality hospital offering comprehensive geriatric care. In an extension of its health care services to the senior citizens, the hospital has launched the Department of Orthogeriatrics for comprehensive orthopedic care, a first of its kind in India. Yesterday, Mr.

Top 5 magic foods to lose weight

Your consultant/surgeon is sure to advise you to lose weight at some point in your life. We know it is always best to keep body weight under check and maintain a normal Body Mass Index (BMI) which could help keep lifestyle disorders at bay. Don’t you agree, it also reduces the no of painful trips to hospitals