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Divya Sathyaraj warns of nutritional products

Chennai, June 20 (tamilnaducentral): Divya Sathyaraj, a clinical nutritionist and daughter of actor Sathyaraj, in a statement spoke about how representatives from a US company threatened her to prescribe their nutritional product that was not approved and had no scientific validity. The product was found to have contained an overdose of vitamins which could lead to hypervitaminosis, which

Women Employees’ Safety Must be Every Company’s Top Priority

Chennai,Apr23(tamilnaducentral): “When you reach, just text me or give me a missed call” is the instruction that almost every woman going to work (or stepping out of their homes) gets from her parents, spouse, friends or relatives. At a time when more and more women spend considerable time outside their homes, safety becomes a pertinent and constant concern, feels Sangeetha Perumbeti. The reality for women in

Perils of Online Culture

Chennai, Apr21 (tamilnaducentral): This is undoubtedly the digital age. People connect better over social media than over direct human to human interactions. Diurnal interactions through smart phones and laptops have become a way of life. Of course, it has ushered in an era of communication and information never seen before, but at the same time

An open letter to Rajinikanth

Chennai,Mar29(tamilnaducentral): Rajinikanth as most of us know creates ripples and attracts media limelight just before his film releases or at the time of shoots;he has yet again played his role to the dot, no retakes! Rajinikanth hogged headlines when he was scheduled to fly to Sri Lanka to be a part of an event to

Kamal Haasan is a 10th century Vaishnavite

Chennai,Mar 25 (tamilnaducentral): Actor Kamal Haasan of late has been very vocal about his political and social views, which he was profusely sharing on his social media platforms. Kamal’s vociferous comments about Mahabharata in an interview with a private Tamil channel came in for harsh criticism and backlash from various pro-Hindu groups and outfits. A

Mafia Rule for Tamil Nadu?

Chennai, Feb17 (tamilnaducentral): Can we now expect the Tamils to come up with Jallikattu version 2.0 now that the state is in danger of being ruled from a Bengaluru prison? Tamil Nadu has an ancient and proud culture and it is very sad to witness the current state of affairs. The rape of democracy anywhere is

The Tamil Rising: Time to Celebrate

Chennai, Jan 26 (tamilnaducentral) : Sticks and stones are thrown only at a ripe tree. My heart goes out to my fellow Tamilians who maintained and exhibited reverence even while facing the wrath of dirty politics. But the only way to get back at them right now is by celebrating this achievement. Let us glorify this