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Kamal Haasan is a 10th century Vaishnavite

Chennai,Mar 25 (tamilnaducentral): Actor Kamal Haasan of late has been very vocal about his political and social views, which he was profusely sharing on his social media platforms. Kamal’s vociferous comments about Mahabharata in an interview with a private Tamil channel came in for harsh criticism and backlash from various pro-Hindu groups and outfits. A

Mafia Rule for Tamil Nadu?

Chennai, Feb17 (tamilnaducentral): Can we now expect the Tamils to come up with Jallikattu version 2.0 now that the state is in danger of being ruled from a Bengaluru prison? Tamil Nadu has an ancient and proud culture and it is very sad to witness the current state of affairs. The rape of democracy anywhere is

The Tamil Rising: Time to Celebrate

Chennai, Jan 26 (tamilnaducentral) : Sticks and stones are thrown only at a ripe tree. My heart goes out to my fellow Tamilians who maintained and exhibited reverence even while facing the wrath of dirty politics. But the only way to get back at them right now is by celebrating this achievement. Let us glorify this

The Tamil Rising

Chennai,Jan 22 (tamilnaducentral): Jallikattu is just a trigger; the uproar we are witnessing now is the outburst of a long lonely battle that every Tamilian has fought since 2009. A piece of my soul died every time I heard the news. I felt despair as the anger, sadness and helplessness literally consumed and paralyzed me.

An open letter to our Kollywood heroes

Chennai,Oct 4 (tamilnaducentral):Dear Kollywood heroes, you know we love you loads. You work hard on the sets, on your body to look dashing, you give us a temporary escape from our humdrum routine, agreed. To look at our romantic films, most of the story lines revolve around a hero wooing and stalking a heroine who in

Ajit Doval plan destabilized Kashmir

Chennai, Sep 21(tamilnaducentral): Ajit Doval had a blueprint to handle Kashmir unrest. It was  at a lecture in Hyderabad as back as 2010, and before he became National Security Advisor, that he listed out a formula of shock therapy. He wanted the State (India) to exercise power. Modi followed it and today we have a

Lost but not found: men of guts

Chennai, July 2(tamilnaducentral): I dread reading newspapers these days. Man stabs a girl to death in broad daylight, another posts morphed exposed pictures of a girl, yet another throws acid –  all because she did not accept his love. There is more. Drunken men (even sober) abuse children. Molest women in public. Strip and humiliate