Dhanush is Gujarat Congress poster boy

Chennai, Oct 11(tamilnaducentral): Dhanush has by default become the star campaigner of Gujarat Congress in the election campaign. His Kolaveri Di song is the anthem of the Gujarat Congress in the poll campaign.

BJP  has been facing a tough battle this time. After Modi exited Gujarat to become PM, the successive CMs have failed to deliver on many fronts. The Central Government has managed to push many big-ticket projects to Gujarat but the State Government machinery is not as quick as it was under Modi to clear the files.

With Amit Shah also shifting to Delhi, the BJP State wing has been caught in a web of groups. Added to this, the Patel community went on a warpath demanding reservation. Initially BJP fearing a backlash from other communities opposed the Patel agitation. It put the Patel’s poster boy Hardik in jail that only further aggravated the problem.

After Rahul Gandhi’s tour of Gujarat and the reception he got from Patel dominated areas, BJP changed track and agreed for reservation. In the fight for Rajya Sabha seat, BJP engineered a split in the Congress to ensure defeat of Ahmed Patel. This did not work out. It was a prestigious fight as Amit Shah too was in the fray.

BJP wanted Ahmed Patel to lose as he is an aide of Sonia Gandhi. Patel’s victory in Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections ahead of state elections in December boosted  confidence in the Congress, which has been out of power in the State for more than two decades now.

The Gujarat Congress has posted the dubbed version of song Kolaveri Di sung by Dhanush on You Tube. Its Gujarati version speaks about bad roads, no business investment, no jobs and a spate of taxes.

The tweet says : vikas gando thayo chhe …https://youtu.be/TRMZX5-ocSQ. It means development gone crazy. It has subtitles of the lyrics and makes digs at Acche Din slogan of BJP.

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