Temple razed to build High Court : RSS

Chennai, Oct 10 (tamilnaducentral): Two temples were demolished by East India Company to build Madras High Court, says an article in Vijaya Bharatham, a magazine that propagates Hinduism and RSS ideology. It further states it was to set right the popular belief that it was Mughals who plundered and raped Hindu women and Christians were benevolent and kind.

Wikipedia says the High Court building was constructed after shifting out a couple of temples that were in existence on the land in the 19th century. The article says that history has falsely stated that East India Company had funded the installation of  Siva and Vishnu temples elsewhere to pave way for building the Madras High Court. It says that East India Company decided to demolish these two temples in the name of extending Fort St George.

Hindus were agitated. Manali Muthukrishna Mudaliar took the leadership of the Hindus and removed the idols before the temples were razed down. He erected the temple at Sowarcarpet’s Devaraj’s Mutalith street. One of the temple was built by a businessman Alangatha Pillai. The Hindus refused to accept any monetary help from the British.

It says that the High Court has four entrances like a Hindu temple. It adds that before the High Court came into existence, those who appeared before the court used to go with tulsi water given by the temple priest and drink it and swear that what they would say in court is only truth and even lawyers and those who filed cases did the same.

In 1884, the British brought a law that if a Hindu converts to Christianity, he/she can still inherit the ancestral property. After a demonstration by Hindus, it was repealed. Similarly, a study of Christian theology was made compulsory in Madras University and that had to be given up after protests from Hindus.

A student studying in Madras Christian College converted to Christianity. This led to wide outrage and parents pulled out their children from schools and colleges run by missionaries. It also led to growth of educational institutions run by Hindus.

Now why talk about such things in 2017 ? 600 years back, the Babar Ramar temple was demolished and even today the Hindus have not forgiven those who did it, says the article. It says that Justice T Muthuswamy Iyer, the first Indian judge of the Madras High Court during his entire tenure never wore footwear as he believed that the chair that he sat in the court was once the place where the deity of the temple stood. He said that one would not enter a temple wearing footwear.

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