Wedding hall and Sasikala have a connect

Chennai, Sep 12 (tamilnaducentral): The wedding hall at which  the AIADMK General Council removed Sasikala has witnessed two more incidents in the past that were related to her. It was here that Jayalalithaa warned party members not to fall for the propaganda of the Mannargudi clan that they would be taken back in the party.

Yet another event that happened in the same hall was the wedding of Vivek, son of Sasikala’s brother. Jayalalithaa did not attend the wedding; nor was her name used in the invite. The invitation card however had the Veda Nilayam address.

A senior party functionary who attended the General Council meeting today went on a nostalgic mode. He said that in December 19, 2011 Jayalalithaa issued a party circular that removed the entire Mannargudi clan starting with Sasikala from the primary membership of the party and asked cadres to not have any links with them.

The only person from the Mannargudi family that was not removed was Illavarasi, wife of Jayaraman, brother of Sasikala. Ilavarasi and son Vivek continued to live with Jayalalithaa, while Sasikala was sent out of Veda Nilayam.

On December 30th, AIADMK General Council meeting was held at Sri Varu Venkatachalapathy wedding hall. Here Jayalalithaa told the party leaders that there were party men who after facing disciplinary action accepted that they deserved the punishment and decided to quit politics.

She further went on to say that some after facing the punishment went on saying to party leaders that they would come back with force and if they were isolated they would take revenge on those party men. Jayalalithaa said that nobody should have the false impression that 20 members of the Mannargudi clan that were dismissed from party will ever come back. She concluded that those who committed mistakes and repented can be pardoned but not traitors.

Later, Sasikala was taken back but not the entire clan. On August 29, 2016, Vivek, son of Late Jayaraman, brother of Sasikala got married in the same wedding hall. After the wedding, Vivek and wife went to Veda Nilayam to get the blessings of Jayalalithaa.

Today at the same wedding hall, AIADMK General Council unanimously decided that appointment of Sasikala as general secretary is null and void. The senior leader who relived past moments said that there is another meeting in December and will history repeat itself, he asked. Like Jayalalithaa took back Sasikala, will the General Council take her back ?, he asked.

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