Dinakaran makes mooku podi siddhar famous

Chennai, Aug 13 (tamilnaducentral): Will Dinakaran topple EPS ministry  or whether his meeting at Melur will be a success is not the hot topic. It is about Mooku Podi Siddhar that he met at Tiruvannamalai. As news channels beamed the meeting of Dinakaran sitting before this siddhar, everybody went hunting to know more about this mystic saint. Those living in Tiruvannamalai and Chidambaram find the new-found interest in this samiyar very amusing, as he has been around for past 40 years.

According to an old timer, real name of the swami is Mottayadai Gounder. He was living in Rajapalayam village near Chinna Salem of Villupuram district. His wife died forty years back and his current age is 85. After the death of his wife, he left his home and made the streets and temples of Tiruvannamalai his home. He rarely has any food. Many offer him food but he does not eat.

He does not talk to anybody. Suddenly he will enter a hotel or a lodge and stay in the corridor. He will get into a restaurant and eat. Nobody stops him. People keep following him to get a blessing. The popular belief is that if he looks at you or comes to hit you with a stick, then you will obtain peace in your life.

A devotee says that just before the Thane cyclone, the swamiyar walked to Cuddalore and stood on the banks of the sea and said ” Be calm, don’t make noise.”Similarly, he stood in the middle of the road and tore a 500 and 1000 rupee note. Days later these currencies were demonetised. Local people say that the samiyar whom they call as adhu (it) was brought to the town by forest department guards, who found him wandering in the Arunachala Hill. The samiyar lives in a school and rarely comes out.

They say that he does not stay at any place for more than three months. As he keeps using  snuff, his devotees give him  boxes of snuff and that is how he came to be known as Mooku Podi Siddhar, they said.

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