Police summon Oviya for suicide bid

Chennai, Aug 12 (tamilnaducentral): Nazarathpet police station SI has issued a summon to actress Oviya  based on a complaint. Those who wanted Gayathri out of Bigg Boss are upset that through a Q& A test, she was saved from elimination.

The police complaint said that Oviya had attempted suicide inside the Bigg Boss house as she was not able to withstand the mental stress given by her co-housemates. She dived into the pool and stayed there till others came and brought her out. The complaint alleges that Vijay TV showed the clip to increase the TRP ratings.

On the night the so-called suicide attempt was shown, the station received an oral complaint. They went to EVP Film City to talk to Oviya but the channel did not allow them. They were told that Oviya is fine. As there was no written complaint and no search warrant, the police went back.

A VCK functionary and a lawyer filed a police complaint with the Poonamallee police station. The manager of Oviya gave a statement saying that she had only jumped into the pool to scare the other contestants. After the incident, Oviya herself was shown telling others that the pool was not big enough for anyone to drown.

As voting finished on Friday, Bigg Boss put a test to see how much the contestants are ` dedicated ‘ to the show. The questions related to the recall ability of the contestants to past incidents in the house. On that score Gayathri got easy questions and got exempted from the elimination. Raisa looked very disgusted with this outcome. The surprise was Snehan the lyricist who won the State award and worked with Vairamuthu not knowing who wrote the lyrics of thamizh thaai vaazhthu

Snehan also laid the foundation of a new entrant coming in if Shakthi gets eliminated. He told Raisa that a person who is more popular than Shakthi will come in.

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