Podhuvaga Enmanasu Thangam: Stay away

Chennai, Aug 12 ( tamilnaducentral): Podhuvaga Enmanasu Thangam cannot be classified in any genre. The director is not sure whether the theme of the film should be treated as semi comic one or should it be a serious. This wavering makes the viewer confused about what the whole film is all about.

The storyline of Podhuvaga Enmanasu Thangam is very simple. Ganesan ( Udhaynidhi) a village lad has a noble aim. He wants his village to have basic facilities. This he feels can happen only if  Oothukaatan ( Parthiban) a rich man in a neighbouring village decides to help out his village. Ganesan and his friend Tiger Pandi ( Soori) plots to woo the idiotic daughter  Leelavathy ( Nivetha Pethuraj) and get to the rich man.

Now that the hero has a goal that is serious but he has a good timing for comedy and so we have a lot of comic scenes with the hero and his friend. Then it shifts back to the main subject and here the duo falls flat. It is Parthiban who consistent in his semi- comic role of a man who wants the village of Ganesan to be a ghost town and then bring the temple from there to his village. It is a revenge for a slight he suffered many ages back. Less said about the heroine the better.

Imman’s music does nothing to help the movie and to top it is placed at the wrong places and to make matters worse it is choreographed badly. The only guy who has contributed anything good for Pothuvaga Enmanasu Thangam is cinematographer Balasubramanian who gives the real countryside of Tamil Nadu.

Good cinematography and Parthiban alone cannot uplift Pothuvaga Enmanasu Thangam. For your information the film also has Mayilsamy, Vivek Prasanna, Rajendran and the director is Thalapathy Prabhu.


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