Dinakaran to pull down EPS ministry

Chennai, Aug 12 (tamilnaducentral): Dinakaran has sought an appointment with the Governor. It is a move that comes after Dinakaran and Dhivakaran met at Thanjavur yesterday.  Modi did not meet OPS in Delhi which signals that  BJP would no more play a facilitator between two factions.

Sources say that 11 MLAs had come for the meet with Dinakaran and Divakaran. They  strongly argued that the EPS ministry is confident of taking on Dinakaran because of the OPS loyal MLAs. With Dinakaran removed from party and  Sasikala too will be removed by EC sooner or later, they argued. Without anybody from the Mannargudi family in the party, there is no point in still hesitating to topple the EPS ministry, they pointed out.

After certain deliberations, Dinakaran was finally told that he should meet the Governor and give a letter saying that he was asking for a change of CM and the cabinet. He should present a list of ministers that the AIADMK deputy general secretary wanted on behalf of General Secretary Sasikala. The letter would be signed by 20 MLAs who have been appointed  by TTV in party posts. Sengottaiyan will be CM candidate.

This would obviously lead to a floor test and DMK had been waiting for it. On August 2, we had reported that another Koovathur would be staged. (Read : http://www.tamilnaducentral.com/2017/08/02/dinakaran-to-stage-another-koovathur/).

We also reported that Sengottaiyan and Dindigul Srinivasan did not sign the resolution that made the deputy general secretary appointment null and void. Srinivasan defended the deputy general secretary 420 use as slip of the tongue.

Read : http://www.tamilnaducentral.com/2017/08/10/two-ministers-resent-dinakaran-ouster-by-eps/

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