Priya of KMKV fame to enter Bigg Boss ?

Chennai, Aug 11 (tamilnaducentral): Priya of KMKV (`Kalyanam Mudhal Kadhal Varai’ ) is tipped to enter Bigg Boss as a wild card entry, tells a source. The move comes after the TRP ratings have dipped with the exit of Oviya and Julie, said the source. Nanditha Swetha who acted with Vijay Sethupathi is also expected to enter Bigg Boss. These entries are planned for the special episode on August 15th , said the source.

Harathi outside the Bigg Boss house who said that she would not talk anything more about her experiences in the house, has dropped another bombshell. She earlier said that Gayathri’s real colour came out only after her coming out of the house. She described Gayathri as a karuvadu that will not lose the smell even after repeated washing.

Now she says that not only she but even Oviya had complained about Bharani’s lecherous activities and looks. She says that though he is a lecherous, public voted for him.

Production sources say that Bindu Madhavi has not been able to provide the needed glam quotient and is playing it safe. By weekend, Gayathri or Shakthi might go out and then the show has only gentlemen like Ganesh, Snehan and Vaiyapuri along with Raisa and Bindu who are not upping the conflict part.

The source tells that Oviya was the darling of the viewers and most hated was Julie. They kept the interest going. Now both out of the show, no one is bothered as to who goes out, said the source.

Priya of KMKV fame has a fan following that is very big. The serial telecast on Vijay TV had to be stopped after Priya left the serial citing personal reasons. The TRP dropped drastically. Priya of KMKV fame was later cast as heroine in Karthik Subburaj production opposite Vaibhav. The film is directed by newcomer Rathna Kumar. Sources say that Priya has already a fan following and it is more than what Oviya has  after Bigg Boss.

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