Andrea says male ego has taken a beating

Chennai, Aug 11 (tamilnaducentral): Andrea is getting accolades from the media and those on the social media for her portrayal of the bold woman in `Taramani’ , released today. The film after the first two shows has been upgraded from small screens to big screens in many multiplexes. The film which has no big names took an a great opening as the Chennai youth had lot of expectations from the film. The teaser and music had already become a hit ¬†with the target audience.

Speaking about ‘Taramani’ Andrea says, “Initially Ram sir met me a few times, and ‘Taramani’ just fell into place . At the time, it didn’t occur to me that I was playing a ‘bold’ character. Going by the audience reaction, I’d have to say my character in the film seems a lot more bold than I thought!!!.”

Andrea gives the reason for her acting to come out well. She says ” Ram sir gave me the space to bring my own energy & body language to the role. `Taramani ‘ was a very emotionally draining film for me. I enjoy working with people who respect me as an actor and respect my time, and Ram sir did both. More than anything, I love his approach to film-making. He keeps things as raw & real as possible. Ram sir is a director who engages his actors in discussions rather than giving instructions, so there is a lot of give & take on the set.”

Andrea tells about why she accepted the film. “I loved ‘Taramani’s script because I personally think the male & female roles have changed dramatically in the past few decades. Men are no longer the breadwinners, a lot more women are working too. And financial independence for a woman is a HUGE thing,So I guess men are still figuring out their new roles in our lives. I guess the male ego has taken a beating because of it” said Andrea.


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