Oviya ‘s father hopes love is only acting

Chennai, Aug 6 (tamilnaducentral): Nelson, father of Oviya hopes that his daughter’s love for Aarav is only acting, reveals the grandmother of the actress. Kamal Haasan proved Dr R K Rudhran was wrong. Dr Rudhran said that for commercial reasons the actor might not speak about the wrong way the mental disorder was shown in the TV show.

Nelson, a retired Government employee lives with his mother and a pup named Appu. Talking about the earlier days of Oviya whom he calls Helen said that his daughter studied in a Malayalam medium school and is surprised to hear her speak Tamil so well. He says that it has become like her  mother tongue. He said that Oviya had studied in an average school and college and not in any fancy private institution.

He added that he has never even once scolded his daughter as she never gave an opportunity for it. She was always an obedient girl. She told him about joining Bigg Boss show and referred to a similar show that was aired on Surya TV. He hesitated but when he was told that Kamal Haasan was the host, he did not think twice about it. Nelson said that Oviya had supported the treatment of her mother and had incurred a lot of financial liabilities. As Bigg Boss prize money was very big, she wanted to take a shot, he said. Her mother succumbed to cancer, said Nelson.

Oviya ‘s grandmother says that she felt very sad to see her crying. “The girl who we have never seen crying in the house came to me as a shock, ” said the grandmother. She said that her son Nelson told her that it was only acting. About the love affair with Aarav, she says that though her son is saying that it is only acting, he too is not sure. She reveals that he too is worried and has been trying to get hold of the phone numbers and tell her to come back.

Nelson said that his daughter is not the kind who would fall in love at the drop of a hat and then run to make a tatoo of her lover. “She is a very confident and intelligent girl and one thing I know is that she is showing her real self in Bigg Boss,” said Nelson. He said that the three-year old pup Appu comes running when the Bigg Boss show starts on TV.

Oviya though out of the show has been provided accommodation in a star hotel by the producers. This, many feel would lead to her coming back to Bigg Boss. Kamal said that the love experience would have taught the actress  many things and quipped, “I too have gone through it, not once but three times”.

The fans of the actress shouted, ‘No, No’ when she said she was waiting for Aarav to come as she still loves him. To this  she said “thank you dudes but this is my personal decision”.

Dr RK Rudhran, the famous psychologist had through a FB post criticised the way the housemates play acted the role of mentally affected persons that sent out a wrong message to the public. He said that in the business interests of the channel, Kamal might not correct it but at least he can say about it in some other platform.

In yesterday’s episode, Kamal opened with the line that the way the mentally affected were shown on the show was wrong. He said that he had told the producers about it and that he was in no way dependent on them. He quipped, “In my films I have played such characters and they were heroes and not comedians.”

After Oviya walked out, Raisa Wilson was  in tears. To a query from Kamal as to whether she was subjected to bullying by somebody she said, “Shakthi and Gayathri as somebody told me that they are very influential in the industry.” With a straight face, Ulaganayagan asked” Is it so ? I never heard about it.”

In today’s episode, viewers especially Oviya Army expects Kamal to show a video clip of Aarav to show why Oviya felt cheated.

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