Sun TV’s Nandhini still ahead of Bigg Boss

Chennai, July 18 (tamilnaducentral): According to the advertisers, Sun TV’s soap Nandhini rating is far ahead of Vijay TV’s reality show Bigg Boss. Both are aired at the same time (9 PM).

The BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) India audience measurement system which advertisers rely on shows that Bigg Boss on the opening day had 3.6 million impressions. On the same day Nandhini serial had clocked 13.7 million impressions. Big publicity in the print media and through other media as well as promos featuring Kamal Haasan took place before the launch of the reality show.

Adworld says that Bigg Boss has added another 200,000 to the opening tally but this is still far below the rival Nandhini. TV industry watchers say that one cannot conclude  the reality show a non starter on basis of figures. They point out that two factors have to be taken into consideration.

Sun TV TRP rating by BARC is far more than Vijay TV. It has 102 1299 while the second channel Vijay TV is only 385433. That is not even the halfway mark. The second factor is that Nandhini has been on air from January 23, 2017 and over the months it has got managed to get a dedicated viewership.

The TV industry says that TV audience in Tamil Nadu, especially in rural areas, is more hooked to serials and the reality shows in Sun TV itself has not managed to come anywhere near its own serials in terms of TRP rating. All top 5 in TRP ratings are serials in Sun TV. On this count, they say that one cannot compare reality and chat shows with daily soaps.

Nandhini is produced by Kushboo and has Vijaykumar as the main antagonist and Nithya Ram as Nandhini, the avenging serpent in human form. It is dubbed into Malayalam and Telugu. It is the first serial to be dubbed into Kannada. TV industry says that all the bad publicity that the reality show is getting and the memes and trolls is making more people watch it and also point out that the chunk of viewership is from Chennai.


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