Why Shree ran away from Bigg Boss ?

Chennai, July 17(tamilnaducentral): The real reason for Shree to run away from Bigg Boss has finally come to light. Namitha is sore that the public are voting for Oviya and Julie. Harathi has told a vernacular magazine that she did not do anything very grave for Kamal to console her.

According to a source in the Bigg Boss production house, they had picked up a few things from the Bigg Boss Season 7 of the Hindi version. In this show Kushal Tandon applies medicine to the bruised hand of Gauhar Khan. This starts off an intense love affair between them. According to this script, Julie started by expressing her love to Shree but met with no great response.

The next was applying the medicine to Julie by Shree. After this, Shree and Julie were to turn lovers according to the script.  Shree felt that this fake romance could lead to many complications in his personal life and so declined to play his part, said the source. The production house then asked him to fake mental depression and go out without waiting to be eliminated, said the source. The attempt to scale the walls of the house by Bharani was a repeat of what Kushal had done in the Hindi show, pointed out the source.

Namitha who asked Julie to stop hugging her as the latter is not on her good books tells Raisa that the public will like Oviya or Julie as both are fakes. She says that the public will not like her or Raisa and that should get  into the elimination list and  use it to go out. The other housemates are not happy that Kamal gave a lot of attention to Oviya in the last meeting.

Harathi like all those who got eliminated are under a gag order. She said that she cannot talk about the  Bigg Boss ‘s televised portions or those that were not shown to the public. She said that she saw all the memes and trolls in the social media and said she had come out of Bigg Boss and not from Puzhal jail after committing ten murders.

Sources say that Harathi off the record said that she did all the fake fights as per the script to increase ratings and in the end got voted out by the public while the channel did nothing to retain her.

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