Two Tamil lady prisoners to guard Sasikala

Chennai, July 17 (tamilnaducentral): Two  women prisoners of Tamil orgin has been transferred from Bellary jail to Bengaluru with  the sole purpose  to guard Sasikala. A group of prisoners supporting DIG Roopa who made the revelation of Sasikala enjoying VIP treatment and another group that is against this group and supporting the jail staff are likely to get into a scuffle, says sources in the police department. In view of this, Karnataka Government is thinking of moving a plea with the court seeking the transfer of Sasikala to a prison outside the State, said a top official.

Karnataka Government feels that Sasikala is bringing bad name to the ministry. Earlier there were reports that the rules were bended in number of visitors seeing Chinna amma. The report also said that a bed , TV and fan has been provided in the cell and she gets her food delivered in the cell itself.

The jail authorities said that as per medical advise, matress have been provided and that the only TV that inmates can see is in the library room. She did not stand in line to get food as an inmate got it for her. This woman inmate is a fan of Chinna amma and is in jail for serial killing. This inmate’s  tactic is to get friendly with women staying alone and after winning their trust, she kills the victim and decamp with the gold jewellery. The inmate was transferred to Bellary.

After the DIG Roopa’s sensational disclosure the convicts are divided into two camps. At any time. a fight will break out and the authorities fear that the VIP prisoner might be targeted by the pro Roopa group. This is creating a major headache as anything to do with this prisoner is getting into national news. With elections round the corner, Congress ministry feels that they are better off without Chinna amma in their State.

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