Pandigai film review

Chennai, July17 (tamilnaducentral): At about 131 minutes of viewing time, ‘Pandigai’ despite its glitches manages to keep one entertained for the most part says Malini Mannath in her

A heist-action thriller, it is about Velu who fed up of his mundane existence and in urgent need of funds to finance his trip abroad, succumbs to the persuasion of Muni a stranger and sets out to make money the illegal way. It’s about how he mentored by Muni, becomes a participant in the illegally held underground fights, gets entangled in the affairs of bookies and criminal elements and tries to extricate himself from it. Smartly crafted and stylishly executed, Feroz for a debutant displays immense confidence, moves his narration with assurance, his story-telling engaging for the most part.

For Kreshna, yet to gain a strong foothold in films, it’s a role that gives him scope to reveal a different dimension to his performance. As the underdog Velu yearning for respectability in a society that has spurned him often, the actor is eminently watchable, this probably his best performance to date. Of special mention are his fight scenes performed with a lot of energy and conviction. Hopefully the film should be a game changer for the actor. Saravanan’s Muni is cool and smart, well versed with the tricks of the sport, knowing when a defeat could well mean a win. Muni an incorrigible gambler had lost his all in betting, the loan shark was at his throat, his wife estranged from him. Easily his best role to date after ‘Paruthiveeran’, the actor performs it with panache. Velu approached by Muni who had observed his natural talent for throwing a punch, participates in the illegal fight-competitions. But at a point Velu botches up his act and the duo find themselves back to square one. The plot takes the heist-route in the second half where Velu and Muni hatch a plan to steal from ‘Dada’, the kingpin of the betting racket (Madusudhan). The scenes here are smartly executed, thrilling and suspenseful. But distracting and irrelevant is the love-track, the weak link in the plot.

Feroz’s characters are colourful, the actors well cast and pitching in their bit. Karunas in a brief role as ‘Rattinam Kumar, is watchable. Nitin Sathya in a total make-over and almost unrecognisable as Dada’s man ‘Munthiri’, leaves a mark. The pair of identical twins appearing towards the latter part, though not really essential to the plot, adds  colour to the ambiance. The director has extracted good work from his technical crew. The splendidly choreographed fight scenes (Anbari, ‘Stunner’ Sham) are undoubtedly the key strength of the film.

The cast of Pandigai are Kreshna, Anandhi, Saravanan, Madusudhan Rao, Nitin Sathya, Karunas, Pandi, Aruldoss, Shanmugarajan. Other production details of Pandigai are   Producer: Vijayalakshmi Agathiyan ,Production House: Tea Time Talks, Music: R H Vikram,,
Cinematography: Aravind, Editing: Sabu Joseph,Art Direction: Remiyan,Action Direction: Anbariv,
Choreography: Brindha, Sathish, Costume Design: Niranjani Agathiyan

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