Shruti Haasan does not watch Bigg Boss

Chennai, July 16 (tamilnaducentral): Shruti Haasan does not watch her father’s Bigg Boss show and says that she can never imagine accepting the conditions enforced by the channel on the housemates.

An audio tape of a  phone conversation in which the wife of Vaiyapuri says that her husband will be eliminated within two weeks is doing the rounds. The Bigg Boss show producers claim that four crore viewers are watching the show but on the downside every day an outfit or a political party is coming out against the show. Kamal Haasan seems to getting brickbats for his defense of the language used by Gayathri Raghuram and the ruling AIADMK is targeting him for the comment that all departments are mired in corruption.

Shruti Haasan when asked about her father’s Bigg Boss show says that she has no time to watch a show where people are squabbling with each other. When asked whether she would take part in Bigg Boss show, she said that she cannot stay without any contact with the outside world for 100 days. She declined to talk about whether her father would enter politics. A few days back Shruti was in Vijay TV’s show with DD.

Kamal Haasan to a certain extent managed to  control the anger of the viewers towards Gayathri Raghuram for her intemperate comments about her housemate. He caught the bluff of Gayathri who told the housemates that she was given chocolate milk powder because she was having calcium deficiency. In the confession room she was told that her blood tests showed no such deficiency. She evaded by saying that she was not fluent in Tamil, which led to another round of memes and trolls.

P T Krishnaswami of Puthiya Thamizhagam is the latest to join the anti-Bigg Boss bandwagon. The Hindu outfits has termed the dance reality show on Kalaignar TV as yet another vulgar show where women in skimpy dresses danced with men and did provocative and suggestive steps.

Minister C V Shanmugam has threatened to file a Caste Abuse Prevention case on Kamal Haasan. Yesterday, Minister Velumani threatened to audit the accounts of the actor to see if he paid taxes for his films.

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