Rubaai film review by Malini Mannath

Chennai, July 16( tamilnaducentral): Taking a long sabbatical after his much appreciated ‘Saattai’, Anbazhagan returns with ‘Rubaai’. Tackling a genre totally different from his earlier one which dealt with the flaws in the educational system, this one centers round the lure of lucre and the repercussions when one advertently or inadvertently becomes a shareholder of the ill-gotten money.

Most of the action takes place on a road trip. Where truck driver Bharani and his buddy Babu (Chandran, Kishore) travel with a father-daughter duo, Kunguma Rajan and Ponni. They had hired the truck to transport their belongings to their new residence. Meanwhile on another track is a smartly executed bank heist by a gang. And it’s the happenings on the trip, as the quartet who finds the bag of money thrown in the truck by a desperate robber, use a portion of it to settle their personal financial affairs and splurge on a part of the rest. It’s engaging and racy pace, the detailing in the first half, the humour weaved in and the heist-action on another track, helps to sustain the pace and momentum. The growing trust and attraction between Bharani and Ponni is brought out with a fair amount of interest. It’s pleasant screen chemistry between Chandran and Anandhi who share frames after ‘Kayal’. Pepping up the narration is Kishore as Babu. For Chinny Jayanth it’s a meaty role after a long gap and he does not let go of the opportunity. A crucial player in the game, his Kunguma Rajan is sly, thick skinned and adept at escaping from tricky situations. And Jayanth plays it with intuitive understanding and easy assurance, with not a step gone wrong. Harish Uthaman’s villainy as the ruthless brutal bank robber is sufficiently menacing.

The early part of the road adventure with its share of chases, a brewing romance, and some suspense weaved in, has the robber hounded by both the cops and his boss, desperately trying to track the lost bag of money. It’s almost a Guy Ritchie kind of scenario. But there are the glitches. The momentum slackens a tad in the latter part when the truck halts at Munnar, the director seeming to get distracted by the idyllic scenery of the place. The narration loses a little steam, gets a tad sentimental, a song number too forced in. The whole scenario here could have been shortened to a crisper Munnar-visit. Incomprehensible too is how the cops caught on to a bank robbery that was taking place miles away. The ending too seemed to pose a dilemna to the director. After what seemed like toying with one ending, he opts for another one. It’s about who gets to play the martyr and garner audience sympathy. At a running time of just about 119 minutes, ‘Rubaai’ makes for a fairly pleasant viewing.

Director- M. Anbazhagan

Cast- Chandran, Anandhi, Chinny Jayanth, Harish Uthaman, Kishore Ravichandran.

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