Julie’s parents give police complaint

Chennai, July9 (tamilnaducentral): Julie’s parents have given a police complaint as the TV channel did not give any details about their daughter who is a housemate in Bigg Boss. Housemate Aarthi’s husband and comedian Ganesh says that he is happy as for next 100 days he has freedom from his wife. Comedian Satish says that Julie will win the Bigg Boss contest and he has his own reason for it.

Julie who was on the first list of housemates on the elimination list had survived it through public support. Later she mended her ways and started mingling with other housemates. Still Aarthi and Gayathri Raghuram have ganged up to needle her. In last two episodes, Julie got into a heated argument and she started  bawling.

Parents of Julie reached Vijay TV office and demanded to know what is happening to her and wanted to talk to her after seeing the episodes. She had meanwhile packed her bags and asked Bigg Boss to relieve her but later changed her mind and decided to stay back and fight. As the channel said that only if their daughter is eliminated can they meet her, the parents gave a complaint to the Nungambakkam police station.

Aarthi’s husband Ganesh says that he too feels that his wife’s behaviour in Bigg Boss is not right but justifies it saying that the whole idea is that the contestants should kick out each other out of the house and that job his wife is doing well. He said that at first his wife was unsure of joining the show but it was him and her father who changed her mind. The bigger reason for him to send his wife to Bigg Boss was that he could have 100 days of freedom, he quipped.

Popular film comedian Satish tweeted, ” The winner will be Juliana-reason Aarthi and Gayathri.”

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