Namitha is highest paid Bigg Boss housemate

Chennai, July 2(tamilnaducentral): Namitha is the highest paid housemate in Bigg Boss. Netizens say that Kamal Haasan will postpone the elimination from today to next week. Another group says that it is Anuya who will be shown the door.

Yesterday Kamal Haasan interacted with the housemates through video conferencing witnessed by a live audience. As many housemates were not aware of the conspiracies around, Kamal deftly broke down the so-called attitudes. The brazen housemates who plotted and fought even against the Team Captain were seen sitting like puppies before Ulaganayagan. He had a word of praise to those who deserved.

A source tells us that  the housemates of Bigg Boss have been put in three categories with regard to payments. All are credited with a weekly salary. Namitha who was the extra addition to 14 participants is paid Rs 3 lakh per week. Oviya, Shree, Ganesh Venkataraman and Shakthi Vasudevan are paid Rs 2.5 lakh each. Aaarthi, Anuya and Gayathri Raghuram are paid Rs 2 lakh each. Vaiyapuri, Kanja Karuppu and Snehan are paid Rs 1.5 lakh each. Bharani, Raiza and Arrar are paid  Rs 1 lakh. Juliana gets Rs 50,000 per week. The amount was decided after taking into account  their earnings.

Netizens say that the elimination will not take place today. Kamal will say that Shree has voluntarily quit already and hence push it to next week. Others say that Anuya will go out as in the last few days Juliana has changed the way she talks and behaves with housemates. They feel that a nurse by profession is the face of the common man who should not lose out to the filmy guys and girls. Netizens also feel that Snehan at the drop of a hat keeps hugging women housemates.

Will Anuya or Juliana go out of Bigg Boss ? Will Kamal spare them ? remains to be seen.

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