Did Shree fake his way out of Bigg Boss ?

Chennai, June30 (tamilnaducentral):  Did Shree fake his illness and quit Bigg Boss? This question popped up after a FB post in the name of the actor appeared. It said  ‘fever’nu poi sollittu show vittu odi vanthen (bluffed had fever and ran away from the show). On day 4, Shree was told to leave the house after the doctors examined him. In another post, Shree posted -In a relationship with Juliana Juli.

Right from the start of the show , Shree was found to be restless and tense. He appeared to be caught between some problems outside the house that plagued him. He also kept saying that he could not adjust to the Bigg Boss  surroundings. The actor  had at several times got counselling from co- housemates like Ganesh Venkatraman, Ganja Karuppu, Vaiyapuri and team Captain Snehan. But all this did not help. The only person with whom he bonded was Juliana, another underdog.

Juliana hurt her hand and it was Shree who applied medicine. Yesterday’s episode saw the birthday of Juliana being celebrated among the housemates. Everybody in the house for a change appeared to be very friendly with Juliana. One of the housemates even gave a soulmate bracelet to Juliana. Towards night, Bigg Boss sent across a cake to Juliana and once  again there was celebration.

Later in the night, Namitha, Aarthi and other women housemates were seen saying that Juliana was play acting. Namitha said that Juliana was cunning. Aarthi said that Juliana thinks that the cameras were following her and all others were group dancers. This finally exposed that the birthday bash and bonhomie were only on surface and the animosity continues. Gayathri Raghuram also revealed that Juliana had complained to the Bigg Boss that she was being targeted.

Now only Anuya and Julian remain on the elimination list. The feedback received by the TV channel is that Juliana is oversmart and Anuya keeps talking only in English and does not make any attempt to talk in Tamil. By today night, the voting will end. Anuya had yesterday said everyday rice was being served and she does not eat carbohydrates. ” If I put on weight, who will give me roles? Who will pay my bills, Bigg Boss?” she asked.


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