Vijay TV bats for Julie to stay in Bigg Boss

Chennai, June28(tamilnaducentral): Vijay TV has realised that majority of the housemates of Bigg Boss want Jallikattu fame Juliana aka Julie out of the house. This week Shree, Juliana and Anuya Bhagvath are in the elimination list as they have scored low votes.  One of them has to go.  The channel has decided to retain Julie  and boost her popularity, said a source in the production.

Bigg Boss follows the Big Brother format. The least polled housemate through online and offline voting by the public only will be shown the door.

The channel’s promos too are creating a buzz. The promo for the third day (today) shows Gayathri Raghuram saying. ” It is because of this I said that I don’t want to be with these beggars. I don’t need anybody”. Next we see Vyapuri bawling and saying “I have nobody” while Julie is consoling him. Ganesh says do not use such language and other housemates are seen with moist eyes. Did Gayathri call Vyapuri a beggar ? Will have to wait till 9 pm.

A promo video shows actor Bharani sitting outside the room and telling Julie that all are targeting her and she should give it back and they will stop this. Also the second episode saw the fiery Jallikattu protester telling Bigg Boss that as she does not know to act like others, she is being isolated. The voting pattern will change as many of the housemates’ real faces will come out in the coming episodes, says a source in the production house. A fight has broken out as some housemates are not doing any work, said the source.

Shree has told Juliana that he wants to quit the show as nobody talks to him. The source revealed that the activist image of the Jallikattu protester clashes with  Julie, a soft girl who is at the receiving end of those from the entertainment field. The channel feedback is that if Juliana starts getting tough, the support for her will be manifold. Will she?


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