Vijay TV Bigg Boss Tamil contestants revealed

Chennai, June 24 (tamilnaducentral): The much hyped and most looked forward to reality show Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 is set to air on Vijay TV from June 25 hosted by Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan.

The contestants of Bigg Boss tamil were most looked forward to by TV buffs with loads of curiosity. The opening season of Bigg Boss Tamil contestants are:

1. 25-year-old actor Amala Paul (Kerala)

2. 41-year-old ex-cricketer Sadagopan Ramesh (Chennai)

3. 28-year-old actor-model Raai Laxmi ( Karnataka)

4. 64-year-old actor Radha Ravi (Chennai)

5. 31-year-old film actor Sanjana Singh (Mumbai)

6. 27-year-old TV soap actor-voice actor-model Amit Bhargav of Kalyanam Mudhal Kadhal Varai fame (Bangalore)

7. 41-year-old actor Simran (Mumbai)

8. 42-year-old actor-dancer Uma Riyaz Khan (Chennai)

9. 36 -year-old actor-TV anchor Raagav (Madurai)

10. 40-year-old TV anchor-actor Thaadi Balaji (Chennai)

11. 28 -year-old actor-model Sanchita Shetty (Mangalore)

12. 60-year-old BJP leader H Raja (Thanjavur)

13. 40-year-old ex-cricketer Hemang Kamal Badani (Chennai)

14. Politician-orator-author Nanjil Sampath (Kanyakumari)

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Telecast Information

Launch date : June 25, 2017
Days : Saturdays & Sundays
Show Timing :9.00pm

The housemates will spend about 100 days in the specially constructed house under the watchful eyes of the Bigg Boss, totally cut off from the outside world and no means of communication. A contestant will leave the show every week based on the viewers’ vote. The contestants should not damage any property in the house, should not sleep during the day time and should step out of the house only during the allotted timings. Contestants should not smoke or consume alcoholic beverages. Whoever breaks the rule will be eliminated from the competition. The winner gets to take home prize money of Rs 50 lakh and a home worth Rs 1 crore.

30 episodes are set be aired as part of Bigg Boss Season 1 Tamil. The little birdie from the TV industry says that Kamal Haasan will take home a hefty pay package of Rs 15 crore.


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  1. Dear Vijay TV,
    Here is one suggestion to your contenesiants and success the program till 100 days.
    Please advise or teach them YOGA to all of them at least 30 minutes everyday.
    This will help them for best results.
    Thank you

  2. I luv to watch big boss. Sharp 9 we are in front of the tv . I had watched all the episodes of ‘malayalli house’ by Revathy mam Let’s watch how this goes So far so good. Best Wishes to all .- ‘tamil house’. Namitha looks cute in her tamil house costume.👍

  3. Aarthi,Gayathri,Namitha
    They. Are. Cheap persons. Namitha. Told. We are. Genuine except Julie.
    But,they. Are very. Very. Very very. Cheapest. And. Dis honest.
    I am very. Angry.
    And. Snehan. Is. Not. Correct. To. Captain .Ganesh. Is. Perfectly correct. To. This captain. Position.
    Next I give. T awards.
    Team. Player. Ganesh
    Not team. Player. Barani
    Hygienic. Namitha
    Unhygienic. kana karuppu
    Honestly. Julie
    Dishonest. Aarthi. And. Gayathri
    Hard. Working. Ganesh
    No hard work. Sakthi

  4. Hi Bigg boss
    Can u give a chance to people who will decide which person will go out of the game. And finally gayathri, aarthi and namitha they r very worst person… And gayathri actually she is he captain now.. she said ” Na captain pathavila irundhutha poradhukulla Jully ya vechu seiva nu” she is a cheep person in Bigg boss and also aarthy.. kindly save Jully…

  5. Please eliminate aarthi &gayathri because they are thinking very big man & egos.. This two women’s behaving very cheap, snehan unfit for team leader

  6. In case if Ganja Karuppu comes back, the house will become more lively. Gayathri loves to bully others. She is a big sneaker. Now she enjoys making fun of Julie along with the men folks. Harthi, no way out. So she tries to catch crows with the audience to get vote. My suggestion too is, audience should be given the right to nominate. As viewers, I think we are the right persons to judge more than them. The punishment given to Aarav and Riza was good. Only now, we are able to watch the Tamil house members doing some work. .Keep showing them more. But Vaiyapuri is always on bed. Vaiyapuri is always “VAIYYA’ . Their entertainment of dancing, seems to get bored for us, as it is coming up quite frequently. Let something more exciting programmes come up. When G.Karuppu was eliminated last week Bharani too was sent out due to some reasons. As 2 persons had left the house in one week should we have an elimination this week?

  7. Julie, Gayathri, Namitha are very worst and cheap character. Fake. Over drama. Give the nomination to people. It’s better not to telecast this program because due to this we r seeing those cheap characters. If I were there surely I’ll give a nice slap those cheap characters. We r getting very angry of their act. This is not the way to treat a person to get very irritating. Plz evicted the three persons or stop the program.

  8. Hello Bigg Boss (Mr. Kamala Hassan)
    Very nice to see you on television with a great reality show BIGG BOSS.
    I have heard about the Hindi version too, but in hindi they use the homemates as other ordinary men/women instead of CELEBRITIES. Since they are already rich and enough to settle in life why don’t you television guys give chances to outside peoples who are watching and making your shows popular.

    I think to make your shows popular and get TRP rating you are selecting Celebrities for the show. but it is very poor format to do like this.
    Vijay TV is one the most popular television in the World then why such kind of action taken to make even more popular. due to this the Celebrities images are going very low and it make effect they future.

    its better to give chances for Ordinary men/Women to play this kind of game format.

  9. Kamal sir first gayathiri ah veliya anupunga antha house la fights irukathu. Audience pls next week gayathiri eliminate pannunga avaluku vote pannathinga pls pls…….

  10. Dear Vijay Tv,

    Its not fair for Suja’s re-entry.She actually been evicted by people’s choice.People’s vote should be appreciated.U may have 30 camera and many staff to watch them.But dont forget millions of people are watching the show.So i think our decision should be right.I hope Vijay TV (Bigg Boss) will reconsider our rights.Tq.