Rajinikanth skips Modi, BJP fumes

Chennai, May19 (tamilnaducentral): As Rajinikanth failed to mention Modi in the list of political leaders who are doing good work, BJP State president Tamilisai slammed the actor. Right from Stalin to Seeman were give a clean chit by Rajinikanth. This offended Tamilisai who in an interview to a Tamil Channel asked why Rajinikanth did not mention Modi, who is  running a corruption free nation. She said that if anybody is doing good, then the first name should be Modi.

She said that the whole exercise was nothing but to ensure that there was no opposition from any quarters for the release of the film. She said that Rajinikanth lauding PMK’s Anbumani Ramadoss was wrongly placed. She said that Anbumani as Union Health Minister took money and granted licences to start medical colleges. PMK had at one time ensured that not one poster of Rajinikanth’s film can be pasted in walls of Tamil Nadu. PMK had openly said that no actor should be in the seat of power. “How can he applaud Thol Thirumavalavan and Seeman? They are running caste-based politics”, she added.

The praise of Stalin too irked Tamilisai. “In power or out of power, DMK and its family run party had done harm to Tamil Nadu,” she said. “Rajinikanth says that the Tamil Nadu politics has gone to dogs and in the same breath praises Stalin and DMK. Was not this family rule that led to the rot of State politics ? He is known to speak things openly but this time he is doing a different act,” said Tamilisai.

Today being the concluding day, Rajinikanth touched upon the comments circulated in the social media. His Karnataka-Maharashtrian origin was the issue. Replying to them he said, “I don’t understand how Tamilians can stoop to so low levels. I am aged 67. For 23 years, I have been in Karnataka as a bus conductor and 44 years as a Tamil actor. You made me a Thamizhan. If I am told to go out of this State, I will go to Himalayas and not to any other State. Either it is Tamil Nadu or at the feet of Lord Siva in Himalayas”.

Social media hit back. ” If anybody criticizes him, does it amount to stooping low?” asked one. Another one asked, “How can he say that Tamils have stooped low just because they asked about your lineage?”

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