Will Bigg Boss Tamil TV show suit Tamil viewers?

Chennai, Apr23(tamilnaducentral):  Bigg Boss the reality show aired on Colors TV will have a Tamil version. It will be aired from June 25th on Vijay TV.  Kamal Haasan  is  the Bigg Boss Tamil show host. The question asked by media watchers is that whether if this concept go down well with the Tamil TV viewers, especially the family audience.

The reason for this is the reality show format of Bigg Boss. The 10 participants are known faces in different walks of life. They stay together in a house which is not connected to the outside world. There is no pen or paper and only verbal communication is possible among the participants. All of them are caught on cameras placed in the house. There is a confession room where the  Big Boss calls some contestants to confess. The show is an unedited version.

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The housemates can vote for one among them to be eliminated for not being in sync with them. The one who gets the most votes will be eliminated after taking into account whether the public vote for it. Big Boss can however over rule this. This is a 100-day shoot and the contestants are paid weekly as there is an elimination every week.

The reality show in Hindi had cat fights, physical fights, peeing in front of the camera and on others, torrid romances between contestants, sadomasochistic romance (Arman Kohli and Tanishaa Mukherji), bathroom antics, numerous showdowns and occasional breakdowns, battle of cuss word, slandering each other, on-screen marriage and also divorce that made this show a great hit. Those eliminated revealed through social media many happenings that were not shown on telly and episodes uploaded on You Tube added to the heat.

The first season had Arshad Warsi as Bigg Boss with Rakhi Sawant and Don Abu Salem’s girl friend Monica Bedi among the contestants. It was aired on Sony TV. Later it came in Colors with Shilpa Shetty fresh from her public kiss with Richard Gere as Bigg Boss. From then onwards it was one hell of a fireworks and the show has entered the tenth season. Amitabh Bacchan, Salman Khan and Farah were the presenters. It even had Sunny Leone as a participant. Every week a celebrity comes to the house of Bigg Boss to interact with the participants. The participants are given a task every day.

Most of the happenings were recreated in a similar show `Malayalee House’ aired on Surya TV. It created a big uproar. The channel aired unseen scenes caught on night camera. It was shown late nights. Unlike the Hindi version where the participants made it big time after taking part in the show, those who took part in the Malayalee House came out and cursed themselves for taking part in the show. The public backlash they received shocked them. Revathi was the Bigg Boss of Malayalee House. The Endemol media who own the copyright had sued Surya TV for plagiarism.

Will the Tamil Bigg Boss reality show keep up to the `standards’ set by the Hindi television? For Tamil lovers, there is good news. All contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil have to  speak only in Tamil and use only native cuss words. Will Bigg Boss Tamil  get the same reception it got in Hindi or will it invite moral police at the gates of Vijay TV?

The trailer of the show was launched by Kamal Haasan and DD compered the event. Krishnan of Vijay TV was present at the venue.


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