Sasikala asks Dinakaran to topple EPS ministry

Chennai, Apr21 (tamilnaducentral): Sources close to Mannargudi family says that Sasikala who was briefed about the turn of events has told Dinakaran to rally round MLA’s and see that EPS ministry is toppled. She said that if EPS group moves towards dismissing her and her family and loyalists from AIADMK, then EPS should go.

Sources say that Sasikala had said that it was she who stood by Jayalalithaa in all her battles. It was she who handpicked the candidates and devised strategy to bring AIADMK back to power for a second term, a feat achieved only by founder MGR. She was livid that OPS had asked for her resignation letter . ” At this rate he will ask for my properties too. What moral right he has ?. Let all of them asking for me and my family’s  exit from AIADMK, resign and face the polls. I will show them my might. They only know about their constituency that was given to them by me. They do not know the real  forces.They do not know that the real power lies elsewhere. They are not capable  of devising a State wide strategy to win the elections. They do not know to work the  caste equations. They cannot read the strategy of the DMK. They have been spoon fed by Amma and me. Let them face the poll and learn what it means to go with out  a leadership,” she is reported to have told Dinakaran.

Source said that Dinakaran has been told to get all the Mannargudi clan together and also her hubby Natarajan and ensure that if EPS does not fall in line, then he should be toppled at any cost. However, Sasikala cautioned Dinakaran about BJP playing through OPS and Thambidurai to avert a collapse of the  ministry, as it needs the MLA votes for the Presidential elections. Sasikala has asked Dinakaran to go in for a floor test only after he has the clear numbers and that too not just with one or two extra. She told him that the Governor may keep the Assembly in suspended animation till the Parliamentary elections  is over ,if it is a slender margin.

The Mannargudi family is finally going to get into the act in the open after Chinnamma’s stance. Will EPS and OPS counter this offensive ?. The Election Commission has extended the deadline to decide on the two symbol dispute to June 16th.


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