OPS and Dinakaran’s scripted drama flops

Chennai, Apr21 (tamilnaducentral): The backing out of  Dinakaran and OPS welcoming it was a well orchestrated drama done at the behest of Natarajan, husband of Sasikala. It fell through as EPS supporters and ministers and  those with OPS got the feedback that it would benefit only the former CM and the newly appointed joint secretary.

Natarajan  had all along been in touch with OPS and Dinakaran. As OPS camp mounted the demand that Dinakaran and Sasikala should be out of the party, Natarajan put forth a route plan to achieve this by which it appeared that OPS  won but in reality both would be the winners.

As part of the scripted drama, Dinakaran played the victim card. He appeared to have been ditched by the ministers and through twitter he said that for interests of the party unity he was `staying away’. OPS claimed credit and victory of dharma yudham. He asked his supporters to get ready for a bargain with EPS group. Thambidurai  too expressed his happiness that the Sasikala group exited.

The first signal that Dinakaran was not quitting the party came out when his loyalist MLAs pledged their support to EPS. This took even EPS camp by surprise. Dinakaran camp loyalist and actor J K Rithesh blurted out that for the time being Dinakaran has retreated but AIADMK will always have Sasikala and her family within.

OPS camp did a soul-searching and found that OPS stands to gain but not all those who stood by him. They hardened the stance and wanted resignation of Sasikala and Dinakaran and be forwarded to Election Commission. Not only that, they also wanted 30 party functionaries loyal to Sasikala be dismissed. Outnumbered, OPS had no option but to let the likes of Munuswamy to go public.

Yet another reason is that party cadres are not  against  OPS joining hands with EPS but want the Mannargudi family to be thrown out .

As the charges have been framed in a case related to leasing out transponders for JJTV, Sasikala has to come to court and sign the charges. Yesterday , she asked for a video conferencing  in the FERA case that is going on in the Madras court.  Her lawyer said that she is suffering from backpain and cannot travel from Bengaluru to Chennai in a police van. The judge said that the accused has to physically come to the court and sign the papers after reading it. The judge posted the next hearing to May 4th to find a way out. However, he asked accused Bhaskaran to appear on May 4th.

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