Dhivakaran’s son threatens to release Jayalalithaa’s video

Chennai, Apr20 ( tamilnaducentral): If anybody thought Dinakaran had thrown in the towel, they are wrong. He has a bomb ticking, say sources.

Meanwhile, Sasikala’s brother’s son,  Jeyanandh Dhivakaran tweeted that they have the video footage of conversation between Jayalalithaa and Sasikala. He said that it will be released soon to silence OPS, P H Pandian and Manoj Pandiarajan. Three MLAs met Dinakaran at his residence today and the buzz is that the operation topple is underway.

The reason for Dinakaran to get bolder is that MLAs and ministers loyal to EPS has  said that if OPS group demands the earth and the moon, then he should be dumped. Yesterday, there were six  MLAs with Dinakaran while he claimed to have nine with him. Later in the course of the day, some MLAs deserted Dinakaran. In this scenario, EPS group says that it has the numbers on its own to keep the ministry going.

As there is a discord looming large between EPS and OPS camps, Dinakaran was met by Perambalur MLA Vetrivel, Periyakulam MLA Kathirkamam and Andipatti MLA Thanga Tamilselvan  who were closeted with him. They have told him that he should splurge on getting MLAs to get the numbers and topple the EPS ministry. They feel that a huge sum to the MLAs can make this happen. They pointed out this method was applied to get 123 MLAs to back EPS.

Now , that the same EPS who was backed by Dinakaran has turned against him, the same method should be in play to get a two digit number of MLAs to topple the ministry. The policy is that if he does not enjoy the benefits of power, then nobody does. He plans to set the ball rolling before he goes to Delhi on Saturday to attend the Delhi Police questioning.

Dhivakaran’s son Jeyanandh Dhivakaran in a tweet says they have the video footage of the conversation between Jayalalithaa and Sasikala in the hospital. Despite being termed killers, Sasikala did not release the video because she did not want the video in which Jayalalithaa is seen wearing a green gown. He said that it was the ethical stance of Chinnamma. He said a grand funeral that the whole world watched was conducted and dear leader was bid farewell in a befitting manner.

OPS at the same time is campaigning with the dummy of Jayalalithaa’s body. However, now he feels that it should be released. The tweet from Dhivakaran’s son could put OPS in a spot.

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