TTV Dinakaran permits Kingfisher to sell in TN

Chennai, Mar 20 (tamilnaducentral): Sasikala is in for another shock. As directed by TTV Dinakaran, TASMAC has decided to buy Kingfisher brand beer in large quantities. It would affect the sale of Sasikala-owned Midas Distilleries. Without consulting Sasikala, TTV Dinakaran decided to contest the R K Nagar by poll. He also closed the door on his uncle Divakaran.

In a long-standing face-off with Kingfisher Distilleries, TASMAC had avoided giving order to the company. The DMK and the AIADMK ministries had demanded a  cutback for placing orders. Kingfisher refused to pay such kickbacks and was sidelined. Having a strong 50% market share in beer segment, the UB distilleries refused to bow down to both the Dravidian majors.

There was a clause that only those IMFL liquors that were distilled and bottled in Tamil Nadu will be given orders or else it will be taxed as imported liquor. Kingfisher through a backdoor dealing with Jayalalithaa entered into an agreement with Empee Distilleries owned by Purushothaman. Kingfisher then began to flow in Tamil Nadu. The deal fizzled out after the Government changed. The bottling of UB Breweries was given to Balaji Distilleries.

As AIADMK came to power once again, it put pressure on Balaji Distilleries to sell off Sathyam and Escape multiplexes and get orders from TASMAC. It stalled the licence of Luxe Cinemas in Velachery. The lease agreement of Luxe Cinemas was with Balaji group. Finally, Balaji group exited and Jazz Cinemas owned by Sasikala entered into a Rs 1500 crore lease agreement with Phoenix Mall for five years.

With Balaji Distilleries being sidelined by TASMAC,  certain beer brands like Kalyani, Bullet and Marco Polo  which were heavily laced with alcohol went off the shelves.

Now, TTV Dinakaran has asked TASMAC to bring back Kingfisher brand through Balaji. Midas Distilleries owned by Sasikala is the only option for tipplers. Now TTV Dinakaran has added another competitor. Did BJP who backed Mallya to flee India put Dinakaran to take such a decision?

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