Tamil Nadu politicos’ samadhi mania

Chennai, Mar 18 (tamilnaducentral): Netizens are  amused that every person who is linked to Jayalalithaa closely or remotely are heading to the samadhi at Marina beach. More so, the dhyanam (meditation) takes place at night and then the media is given some startling information.

PMK founder Ramadoss who has not visited the samadhi is puzzled about the importance given by AIADMK leaders to the spot. Professor Subi asked whether Jayalalithaa was a yoga teacher as each and every visitor was doing meditation. The samadhi mania reached its peak when Tamil Nadu finance minister placed the budget at the memorial. The budget is a classified document till it is presented before the House  but it was laid at the samadhi.

OPS  before taking a decision to form a breakaway faction went into meditation at the samadhi. Sasikala on the way to the Bengaluru prison stopped at the samadhi and banged the samadhi wall three times and pledged to take revenge on those who were responsible for sending her to jail.

Deepa, niece of Jayalalithaa went into meditation and coming out of it, she announced the launching  of MGR Amma Deepa peravai. Once again she did a night visit to the memorial and told the media that she was getting threatening calls after she announced her decision to contest the poll.

Now the latest is Madhavan, husband of Deepa. He visited the  memorial and declared that he was going to float a political party. His wife will run the peravai and he will operate a party. Though they are on opposite sides, he will stay under the same roof with Deepa. Thereby Madhavan made the old adage true – politics makes strange bedfellows.

Director Thangar Bachan commenting on the political goings-on said that the entire nation is spitting on us. A few tricky questions as to how the Government will spend public money to construct a lavish memorial for a late CM who was found guilty by the apex court lies in the background.

Stalin says that the name of Amma or Chinnamma should not be mentioned in the Assembly. EVKS has said that the Government should celebrate the birthday of Veerappan and also build a memorial for him, on the lines of the one for Jayalalithaa.

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