Conspiracy behind Ashwin death ?

Chennai, Mar 18(tamilnaducentral):  Motor sports circles are abuzz that the accident of Ashwin (29) is a pre-planned  operation by the rivals. They spot out many reasons for the accident of car racer to be a pre-planned attempt to bump him off.

Sources say that Ashwin was always in control of his vehicle and he never raced on city roads. He had become a stumbling block to a big corporate associated with motor racing as he refused to endorse their products or join them.

Car racers who know Ashwin say that he always used to drive the car only after knowing the road surface for races. The route that he took on the fatal day is a road that he frequents. The  theory that he might have missed the speed breakers is bogus, feel his friends. The car is fitted with six air bags to cushion the impact of a crash. The door locks do not get jammed and they open on collision, say experts.

As the car was not carrying any inflammable material, the explosion is not possible, say car racers. The car’s fuel tank is so fitted that it will not catch fire on a collision. The car could not have caught fire unless there was a combustible material stored within, say experts. Those who have travelled with Ashwin say that he never hit the gas when driving on city roads. He was always the buddy who dropped his friend’s home after a party. He never had even a beer or smoked, add his friends.

He was always focussed on his goal of a race champion. Ashwin had stayed away from many corporates that wanted to fund him. This also could be a reason. Friends say that the whole incident shows that a car like BMW cannot simply catch fire on a collision and that a foul play has taken place. They also suspect that someone who was against Ashwin getting married to Niveditha, a medical student who passed her graduation, could be behind it. She was working in Ramachandra Medical College.

Actor Ajith’s fans mourned the death of Ashwin who was close to their idol.

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