Dhanush, DD, Hansika, Anirudh exposed by Suchi

Chennai, Mar 3 (tamilnaducentral): Singer Suchitra has once again through her twitter handle posted pictures of Dhanush and other film celebrities in compromising positions. Popular TV anchor DD, heroine Hansika and music composer Anirudh were in the first installment of photos that were released. Except for DD photo, all others were damp squibs.

This is a fallout of the party hosted by Dhanush and Simbhu. Suchitra known as Suchi in filmdom had posted pictures of her arm having injury marks. She claimed that friends of Dhanush had manhandled her when these heroes just looked on. On the same day, she also tweeted that she was divorcing her actor husband Karthik.

Karthik later clarified that his wife’s twitter account was hacked and then it became secure. Today, she posted pictures of these celebrities on her twitter page. She tweeted: Friends be patient. More to come about so-called adjustment. Many heros and heroines true clrs reveal. Wait for shocker.

She tweeted: so before you troll me dhanushfans look at ur hero leela.wait for more shocker to come. She released a photo of Dhanush with Trisha.


Next she released a picture of Hansika with a group of guys and girls and said, `’ithu Hansika leela. She then released a photo of composer Anirudh with actress- Andrea Jeremiah. She put a picture of VJ DD in a cosy mood with Dhanush. She tweeted: this time chinna thirai VJ DD leelai.After that a message came that her account has been protected. Only those who are her followers can see the posts and those who want to follow her has to click on the Follow button and send a request.

The tweets have put the young crop of heroes in a spot, whose partying has become a topic of discussion. The trend so far was that partying did take place but was kept out of the public view. Heroines including those from Mumbai, gave a picture of being teetotalers and not the partying kind.

In recent times, party animals say that most of the five-star hotel bars see film celebrities having a gala time. Partying photographs of Simbu and Dhanush  find their way into the social media.

Suchitra had won the Filmfare award for best playback singer (Telugu) for the song ‘Sir Osthara’ from Businessman.

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