TV channels black out Simbu talk on Jallikattu

Chennai, Jan 12 (tamilnaducentral): Almost all the Tamil channels that were airing live of actor Simbu press meet on Jallikattu went off air within a few minutes.

Did the I&B ministry pull the plug? The explanation given is that management of channels said that it was not giving TRPs for a live telecast. Only one TV channel continued to beam the entire press meet of Simbu. The cut off started as Simbu started to raise his pitch against Jallikattu.

Simbu slammed the move to stop Jallikattu. He said that director Seeman and his own father TR were taking up the battle but it would be futile. He, without naming  actor Arya said that actors are divided on religion and linguistic lines on a traditional Tamil culture. He appealed to people to observe a 10 minute silence tomorrow at 5 pm.

The youth brigade that gathered at Marina beach was asking the question as to why no actors came to support them. Kamal Haasan who spoke at the India Today conclave asked whether biryani will be banned next. The silence of Tamil actors on an issue that has been taken up by youth and that too educated and English-speaking has surprised many. Are they afraid of IT raids, ask the youth?

Simbu pointed out that for a Sri Lankan problem, one cannot go and take a gun and fight but a problem that is happening in the backyard can easily be handled. A joint effort by actors could have helped but unfortunately they are divided on caste and linguistic barriers, he added. He also said that this was not his entry into politics. In the film Silambattam, he had the occasion to know from close quarters about Jallikattu, he added.

Simbu  was earlier caught up  in a controversy over a beep song. Now with the success of AYM film directed by Gautam Menon, he said that despite not having a release for long time, Tamil audience accepted him in AYM. Simbu delivered a message that Vishal (Telugu) and his team in Nadigar Sangam are not concerned about State issues.

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