Will Sasikala be CM on January 18 ?

Chennai, Jan 11 (tamilnaducentral): Sasikala has asked the Governor to allow her to be sworn in as CM on January 18th. Nandakumar known as Nanduji is the man from whom one has to get permission to see Chinnamma and due to this, letter pad organisations and political parties are angry with this filtering process.

Suitcase astrologer Jamal had advocated that Sasikala should defer her becoming CM. Later as he was asked to give auspicious dates, he gave January 12 and 18.  Now, Raj Bhavan has indicated that it is unlikely that Rao would come to Chennai on 12th.

Meanwhile, Mannargudi family has enlisted three astrologers to give an auspicious date. They have suggested 18th as a good date. It is Durga Mukhi year and Tamil month Thai and dated 5th. The popular saying in Tamil is that with the onset of Thai, good things will happen.

As the rains have failed, all delta regions have nothing to cheer about. Only reports of deaths by farmers are coming in. Koyambedu, the biggest wholesale market in Asia has for the first time reported dull Pongal sales. Now it has to be seen whether Governor Rao will grant the time for swearing-in on 18th.

Now Nandakumar is the person that attends the two landlines of Veda Nilayam. To meet Sasikala, you have to give details about yourself or your organisation. Most of the time the caller is told to give all details in writing and send it across by post or messenger. After a 10-day wait, the applicant can check on whether the permission is granted or not.

In majority of the cases, Nandakumar abruptly cuts the call, say those who called. To circumvent this, now the dubious organisations and political parties that exist only on letterheads has devised a method. They seek an audience with `Nanduji’ instead. This route helps many to meet Sasikala and take a photo with future CM.

Many who are not successful go to Sivagnanam Salai in T Nagar and take photos  with Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa.

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