Cops to look other way as Jallikattu goes on

Chennai, Jan 11 (tamilnaducentral): Unofficially,the cops have been told to not interfere with the conduct of Jallikattu. They have also been directed to not restrain the crowds that are turning up for pro-Jallikattu rallies. This instruction comes after the police broke up an attempt to conduct Jallikattu in Nagoor. The crowd that gathered in Madurai for the pro- Jallikattu rally was lathi charged by the police. This led to a running battle with the cops and students.

AIADMK MPs who had planned to meet Modi over issuing a Central ordinance could only meet the Union minister. The centre made it clear that the issue is before the apex court. As the arguments are over, a verdict is expected anytime. In view of this, an ordinance will not be in order and will be struck down, the Union minister is supposed to have told the MPs.

Pro-Jallikattu rallies in Chennai and Madurai were organised by appeals in social media. Students came in large numbers along with IT professionals and educated class. This non-political support for Jallikattu has made the Government sit up. In Nagoor, Indian Muslim League brought bulls from nearby areas. The vans carrying the bulls were seized and League leaders were arrested.

In Madurai, the police stopped the rally from going beyond the permitted area. A four km long rally was in progress. The police lathi charged the students. This resulted in a skirmish and created tension in the city. The police is in a dilemma as they could be hauled before the court for not implementing the ban order.

Justice Markendeya Katju posted on Facebook asking President to issue an ordinance permitting Jallikattu. He wrote :
H.E.The President of India
Through the Honble Prime Minister of India
( To be delivered by someone )

Your Excellency,
Kindly issue an Ordinance immediately amending the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and permitting Jallikattu, but with safeguards prohibiting cruelty to the bulls, e.g. putting some irritant in its eyes, beating the bull or cutting off or poking some part of its body, forcing it to drink liquor, etc.
With such safeguards I do not see what objection can there be to permitting this ancient sport of Tamil Nadu.
There has to be a balance in such matters. An animal cannot be placed on the same footing as a human being. For instance, in fishing, the fish is taken out of the water, and it dies by asphyxiation as it cannot breathe in air. Is this not cruelty to the fish ? And so should fishing and eating fish be prohibited ? A bull is castrated to make it a bullock. Should this be forbidden ? Should halal meat be banned ?
Please consider this request at the earliest as Pongal is fast approaching, and I am making it on behalf of many people of Tamil Nadu who love this sport.

With regards
Justice Markandey Katju
former Judge, Supreme Court
former Chief Justice, Madras High Court

Puduchery Lt. Governor Kiran Bedi has supported the ban on Jallikattu.

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