Sasikala praises defunct Tamil India Today

Chennai, Jan 10 (tamilnaducentral):  Chinnamma Sasikala in her first TV interview lauded the management for doing a yeoman service in publishing the Tamil edition of India Today. The last issue of Tamil India Today came out on February 23, 2015.

Subramanian Swamy says that there is no resistance within AIADMK to Sasikala becoming CM and further added that she will take charge within 10 days.

Sasikala was attending the India Today South conclave held in ITC Grand in the city. Kamal Haasan, Jairam Ramesh, Stalin and business leaders are taking part in the two-day conclave that ends today.

As the TV interview went live, Maalan Narayanan who was Editor of Tamil edition of India Today posted on social media about the faux pas and made a dig at how updated she is. Naana Shaam Marina who designed the first cover released on September 5th, 1989 with the Ambani brothers on cover and the last cover with a caricature of Kejriwal also posted saying the progress from hand composing, cut and paste to CTP. A long-span of 25 years, he noted.

Subramanian Swamy in an interview to News X sounded positive about Sasikala being CM. He said all the Thevar caste MLAs are with her and as there is no opposition, BJP can do little. He said that Sonia  Gandhi was a foreigner and had not spoken in public till Rajiv Gandhi died. If she can lead the Congress till now, then he did not see any problem with Chinnamma Sasikala leading the party.

There are reports that her wardrobe, makeover and her speeches as well her emulating Jayalalithaa by coming out on the balcony of Veda Nilayam to wave at the party workers and showing the two leaves symbol are all  orchestrated by the daughter of Ilavarasi, niece of Sasikala.

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