Presidential poll makes AIADMK important

Chennai, Jan 9(tamilnaducentral): The Presidential poll scheduled to take place in July and August this year has made AIADMK numbers in Parliament and State Assembly important to BJP.

The main concern is that central intelligence agencies have said that there is resentment in the legislative party of AIADMK towards Sasikala being CM. 35 MLAs are said to be backing OPS and want the present Cabinet to continue. If there is no smooth transition of power, the MLAs’ votes could get divided and this could affect the winning chances of the Presidential candidate. All the MLAs of 29 states and the two union territories of Puducherry and New Delhi will have to vote along with MPs in both houses of Parliament.

AIADMK has 37 MPs in Lok Sabha and 13 members in Rajya Sabha. It comes third in terms of numbers after BJP and Congress. A new President has to be elected before July 25th this year. L K Advani, Murali Manohar Joshi, Sumitra Mahajan and Sushma Swaraj are the names doing the rounds.

There is a talk that a proposal has been put up to Modi to have Infosys Narayana Murthy as the President. NCP camp is said to be campaigning to have Sharad Pawar as consensus candidate of BJP and Congress. The Vice President election is due in August first week. However, only the MPs of both the houses need to vote for this.

Though the BJP has a majority in Lok Sabha, in Rajya Sabha it will need AIADMK to rustle up the numbers. BJP is not sure of the outcome of the elections to the five states that is coming up.

Governor Rao who was asked by AIADMK  to fix a date for swearing-in of Sasikala as CM is postponing the event as BJP does not want to see a situation by which the party splits. In case of a split, the Speaker and Governor have a crucial role.

Venkaiah Naidu who was in Chennai recently is said to have got the assurance from Sasikala about AIADMK backing the BJP nominee for President and Vice-President.

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