Mannargudi family’s new power centre

Chennai, Dec 30 (tamilnaducentral): Even as AIADMK completed the succession issue, the Mannargudi family too completed the issue of who will now be the eyes and ear of Sasikala. TTV Dinakaran and Dr Venkatesh are the two who will now guide Sasikala , say sources close to the Mannargudi family.

Soon after the death of Jayalalithaa, a high drama unfolded in Veda Nilayam. The entire Mannargudi family that had camped in Apollo Hospital had occupied Veda Nilayam. So far, T T V Divakaran, the eldest of the Mannargudi family known as Boss to everyone was the decision maker. His writ ran with Sasikala.

Those who know Divakaran says that he had no income and like many at that time migrated to Singapore to do labour. When he came back also there was no wealth to show for. After Sasikala’s entry to Veda Nilayam, the fortunes rose with Boss owned colleges and distilleries.

Sasikala’s sister Vanithamani’s son is T T V Dinakaran. It was Dinakaran who put OPS in front of Jayalalithaa and introduced him as a person to be trusted. Over a course of time, Mannargudi family was banished from Veda Nilayam and OPS remained Jayalalithaa’s loyalist.

Soon after the death, a crisis engineered by the Governor came up. Who will be CM? Edappadi Palanisamy, choice of Sasikala and family, Thambidurai, Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha and BJP’s choice were the contenders. As a compromise, OPS got Mannargudi backing. As the general secretary post selection was near, BJP got OPS on their side and cracked the whip on the family. Divakaran said that Sasikala should not take up the post and Panruti Ramachandran seconded it.

It was Dinakaran who strongly pushed Sasikala to take up the party post. He got OPS on board and stage-managed the drama of all-powerful men in society and party functionaries to lineup to show their acceptance of the new leader.

Dr. Venkatesh, son of Sasikala’s brother Sundaravadanam backed Dinakaran. The duo ┬ámustered the support and got the entire general council to appoint Sasikala. Now, the duo will be the ears and eyes of Chinnamma, say sources.

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