Should body of Jayalalithaa be exhumed ? :Court

Chennai, Dec 29 (tamilnaducentral): ” If it goes at this pace, then I will have to order to exhume the body of Jayalalithaa,” said Justice Vaidyanathan. This outburst came as the case that asked for seeking a probe into the death of Jayalalithaa as there is a lot of mystery surrounding the medical treatment. The hearing came before the vacation bench. Admitting the case, the court sent notices to the State Government and the Union Government. A plea by Sasikala Pushpa MP asking that the case be treated as an urgent matter was dismissed by the court.

The judge said that there are no video clips or any evidence of Jayalalithaa undergoing treatment at Apollo. ” I too feel that there is a mystery surrounding the death and if I am hearing this case, then I will order the body to be exhumed,” observed the judge. The case has been postponed to January 9th and asked the State and Central Governments to reply. The case will come up before the regular bench. If the regular bench too takes a stringent stance, then there is a possibility of the body being exhumed, say legal experts. The only way is to give a convincing reply, says  legal opinion.

The buzz around the mystery over Jayalalithaa’s death got bigger after  a post said to have emanated from Barkha Dutt of NDTV. It said in talks with the sisters of Apollo Hospital, Jayalalithaa was administered wrong medicines for treatment of diabetes. This was the reason for getting admitted. There has been no denial of this but there were reports that Barkha’s, along with some top leaders’ social media accounts were hacked.

Shihani Husseini, the karate exponent and ardent follower of Jayalalithaa too has come out with a statement  asking for a detailed report on the medical treatment. Gautami and many political leaders have put forth the same demand.

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