Cadres revolt against Sasikala succession

Chennai, Dec 29 (tamilnaducentral): AIADMK cadres erupted into protest after the general body elected Sasikala as general secretary of AIADMK. Keeping this in mind, Intelligence sleuths asked Sasikala  to keep away from the general body and the party to not flaunt flex boards of chinna mma in the areas around the marriage hall in Vanagaram where the meeting was held. The party leaders are caught in a dilemma as the cadres are totally opposed to Sasikala becoming the heir of Jayalalithaa. Leaders however managed to stage a celebratory mood by bursting crackers. This loud welcome was however muted across the State and more so in the Capital.

The cadres’ resentment has forced Sasikala to postpone taking up the general secretary post immediately. This has also given OPS the much-needed clout to continue as CM. A senior party leader was seen telling TV channels that Sasikala had said that like an aircraft where there was a pilot and co-pilot, AIADMK will have two power centres that will guide the party. This indicated that a truce has been effected as it will take time for party workers to digest the changeover.

TV channels showed mostly women workers shouting slogans against Sasikala. The protests were more fuelled by reports appearing today about the Court too saying that there was mystery surrounding the death of Jayalalithaa. It even suggested that the exhumation of the body of Jayalalithaa  could be an option.

Yet another reason was that the news that gathered momentum of Jayalalithaa being administered wrong medicines for treatment of diabetes before she was admitted to Apollo. Even while Jayalalithaa was in hospital, the conspiracy theory was abuzz in the public. The motive was said to be an escape route from the DA case.

According to party information, it took two hours for OPS and senior leaders to convince Sasikala to accept the general body decision to elect her as general secretary. She was seen sobbing before the photo of Jayalalithaa as OPS kept the party resolution before it.

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