Why P V Sindhu did not wear the official jersey ?

Chennai, Sep 9(tamilnaducentral): There is a complaint from sports  goods and apparel sponsor of Indian contingent that went to Rio  Olympics. It says that P V Sindhu did not wear the jersey given to her and instead wore the ones that she had with her.

Li Ning ,the company based in China paid Rs 3 crore to be the official apparel partner of Indian contingent that went to Rio Olympics. The Indian head of the company said that P V Sindhu in the last two badminton matches wore only her own dress. At the start of the match schedule, P V Sindhu wore the dress given by Li Ning. Towards the last two crucial matches, P V Sindhu shifted to yellow. The sponsor says that these two matches were widely watched as the fight for gold got tougher. The sponsor says  they lost the wide publicity through TV channels. The Indian Olympic Association has yet to respond.

Sources in the Chennai Smashers for which P V Sindhu played against Hyderabad Hunters and won have a valid reason for the shuttler  not wearing the official apparel. The team members say that P V Sindhu always wore red or yellow colour dress while playing. These were her lucky colours. There have been complaints that the apparel that was given to them were either ill fitting and the colours were not of their choice.

Chennai Smashers that is owned by Prabhakarn, son of Vijaykanth, is hopeful that P V Sindhu will continue in the upcoming season too. Chennai Smashers has another Andhra connection. The manager of the team is Siva Nag Prasad. He is the office secretary of Andhra Pradesh Badminton Association. He has excellent relations with players like Sikka Reddy, Priya and Pranav as well as with Sindhu. He has excellent match control and has experience  in matches abroad too. On the International level too, Prasad is known to all the top seeded players. He had represented Andhra Pradesh and Nagarjuna University.

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