Two blood stains on Swathi murder weapon

Chennai, July 31 (tamilnaducentral): Forensic experts have reported that the weapon used to kill Swathi had two types of blood marks on it. One has been identified to be that of Swathi. Ramkumar the alleged killer did not have any injuries on him at the time of arrest.

Yesterday, the police took him to Royapettah Government hospital and admitted him. They are to conduct a blood test. Ramkumar complained of pain  in the spot where he cut himself on being arrested. His father claims that the police had slit the throat and faked a suicide.

Ramkumar’s lawyer Ramraj told the  media that the identity of the real killer of Swathi will be out soon. Police got the court order to videograph the actual way the crime was conducted and the subsequent escape by scaling the wall of the railway station. This would be then given to the forensic lab to see whether it matches with the CCTV footage that they got from the flats near the station.

The Bengaluru angle to the murder is also gaining ground. Police sources say that Ramkumar was actually stalking Swathi on behalf of somebody who wanted her dead. No witness has come forward to testify about the meeting of Swathi and Ramkumar that is said to have taken place in a temple . They were supposed to have got into an argument in a road near the eatery in Choolaimedu. This too has no witness. Except for the father of Swathi and her friend Malik, no one knew about the stalker.

A plea has been filed in HC to have the CBI investigate the murder of Swathi. The techie was murdered at the Nungambakkam railway station in the early morning. One month after the murder, Nungambakkam railway station got a CCTV camera installed. The first confession was given in presence of a magistrate. Now the final confession will be videographed. The identification parade of the accused was conducted under the supervision of a magistrate in the jail.

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