Vairamuthu finally watches Kabali

Chennai, July 29(tamilnaducentral): Poet-lyricist Vairamuthu finally got to see Kabali  in a preview theatre hosted by producer Thanu. The poet faced flak for saying that the film was a flop and a mystery like the missing AN 32 aircraft.

Thanu officially claimed that the film has collected Rs 380 crores worldwide in 7 days. After the next three days of the weekend, the film will touch Rs 500 crores. Director of the film Pa Ranjith apologized to followers of Periyar for not showing his portrait in the film.

Yesterday, Thanu arranged a show for Bharathiraja and also invited Vairamuthu. Sources say that the poet had called Rajinikanth and told him that it was out of confusion that he termed the film a flop. Rajini said that he had heard about the speech and did not further comment on it. It was followed by the poet sending the money for 400 tickets that he got from Thanu. Thanu had said the poet through his manager took 400 tickets and did not pay for it. After all this, now Vairamuthu was seen seated next to Bharathiraja at the show of Kabali.

Thanu said that Kabali is going to create box-office history by  touching Rs 500 crores in the second weekend. He said that in Chennai alone the film grossed Rs 7 crores in the opening week.

Pa Ranjith who is basking in the glory of making Rajini utter dialogues against casteism and upper caste oppression in the film, faced flak from followers of Thanthai Periyar for not mentioning their idol. They pointed out that the director used Dr Ambedkar,Che Guevera and Chaplin photos in the background but not of Periyar. Periyar had toured Malaysia to propagate anti casteism among Tamils. Ranjith accepted that it was an oversight and apologized. Ranjith was thrilled when Rajini kissed him on the forehead and congratulated him. The Malay version is releasing this week in Malaysia.

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