Match CCTV grab of Swathi killer- Court

Chennai, July29(tamilnaducentral): The Egmore court today granted permission to the police to match the CCTV footage with a video recording of Ramkumar, the alleged Swathi killer.

The suspect has been handed over to police custody till August 8th. The police said that to confirm that the boy in the CCTV grab got from houses near the railway station where the techie Swathi was murdered and Ramkumar are the same is needed as it is a vital evidence. After reports have emerged that the youth in the CCTV grab and identity photo sketched by police was not the same as that of Ramkumar, police said that it wanted the suspect lodged in Puzhal jail to be videographed.

The police sought help from court to get an order to take the suspect to an unspecified location and have him videographed. Then the footage will be sent to forensic lab to see  whether  it matches the CCTV footage. The lawyer of Ramkumar objected to the test but the court granted it. Police also wanted a handwriting and fingerprint test to be done but the court said that it can be done later.

Police are closing all possible loopholes. The admission form in the mansion where Ramkumar was staying has his signature. The alleged murder weapon has been sent to the lab. The blood stained shirt and the blood samples of the dead Swathi were matched. The only witness who has testified is an employee of the shop in the railway station.

Yet another person who has testified is the friend of Swathi. She had told him about a stalker disturbing her but she did not feel that it was of any threat.

The team of lawyers who are to defend Ramkumar has been raising many doubts about the police investigation. The main argument  is that there is another killer who could possibly be a jilted lover. The lawyer claims that Swathi entered into a registered marriage during her stint in Infosys Bengaluru.

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