Kamal Haasan and jittery AIADMK in news

Chennai, Apr 30 (tamilnaducentral): Kamal Haasan is not likely to cast his vote in the coming Assembly polls. AIADMK candidates are scared that the dummy nominations filed on party orders might become real candidates. Karunanidhi, Jayalalithaa and Vijayakanth nominations were found to be in order. May 2 is the date for withdrawal.

Kamal Haasan launched his film Sabash Naidu in which Sruthi Haasan acts and his second daughter Akshara Haasan  is assisting the director T K Rajeev Kumar. It co-produced by Lyca productions. Kamal Haasan said that he is not likely to cast his franchise on May 16th. He is scheduled to be in US for the shoot. Yet another reason is his name is deleted from the voters list. He recalled that he went to the booth and found that already his vote was cast. He said that his fans were free to choose their candidates in the coming elections. Sabash Naidu is the name of the character that he played in Dasavatharam. In Hindi it will Sabhash Kundu.

As soon as the news of bogus voting went viral, a post on social media claiming to be from Election commission  went viral. It had a photo capture of a voters list with Kamal Haasan’s photo on it. It later turned out that it was a bogus one. A bogus tweet for a bogus vote was the reply from the netizens. Lyca productions gave Rs 1 crore to Nadigar Sangham building fund. Kamal gave Rs 2.5 lakhs as rent for using the sangham venue.

AIADMK candidates are keeping their fingers crossed as in many places , sitting MLA’s have been asked to also file nominations as dummy candidates. If the leadership has a change of mind and instead ask the sitting MLA to not withdraw and ask the candidate  instead ,is their worry. The candidates say that in earlier elections the candidates were asked to have their trust worthy family relations or friends to be dummy candidate. If the nomination is rejected on technical  grounds, the dummy candidate steps in. This time the party itself has put up the substitute candidate. This has created a fear that the leadership was keeping the options open till the last-minute.

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