Vijayakanth -Vaiko-Rajinikanth in election news

Chennai, Apr28(tamilnaducentral): Vijayakanth startles Returning Officer while filing nomination. Vaiko says he has no money to contest or give to PWF workers. AIADMK star campaigner boasts that if his party can humble Rajinikanth, then what is Ramadoss ? AIADMK candidates filed nominations today in all constituencies and party manifesto is to release on May 2.

As Vijayakanth filed his nomination, he was asked by the Returning Officer to take the pledge, Vijayakanth who has been MLA twice , asked the officer why he should take a pledge now. He said that his nomination paper has not been approved and there is time to withdraw. After all this was over, should not the approved candidates take the oath? asked Vijayakanth. The officer was stumped for an answer. Vijayakanth said this in his characteristic angry tone. The frightened officer mumbled that Captain was right but rules had to followed. Captain retorted that such rules should be amended to suit the times. He then read out the oath. The security guard who was fisted by Vijayakanth was given a warm hug. Vijayakanth said that only the hand that beats will also care.

Vindhya continued with her Captain bashing. She played a tape of a French film and asked if they understood it. The crowd replied in the negative. She said that this is Vijayakanth’s speech. Her co-party member Anandaraj went one step forward. He said that he was the man who tied Rajinikanth to a pole ┬áin and trashed him and so what is Ramadoss ? He was referring to his role in the film `Baasha’. He challenged Captain to tell the names of five parties in PWF and their election symbols. He volunteered to shave half of his moustache. He is clean-shaven is yet another notable point.

Vaiko now says that he did not contest because he has no money. He says that his party and those in the PWF are asking for Rs 10,000 per booth. Seeing the flow of money to AIADMK and DMK, workers in PWF are asking for money, said Vaiko.

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