New evidence against Karti Chidambaram

Chennai,Apr27(tamilnaducentral): The disclosure of four Wills of owners of Advantage India has put Karti Chidambaram on the mat. The Wills identical in nature has bequeathed their shares after their demise to Karti Chidambaram’s daughter Aditi Chidambaram. This nails the claim that Karti Chidambaram had nothing to do with Advantage India, as he had given up his shares in 2011.

Ex-FM Chidambaram had termed the raids on his son’s friends’ offices as harassment and dared the Finance minister to not play shadow boxing but take him on directly. According to the four who bequeathed millions of shares to Aditi Chidambaram, was out of their love to Dr Rangarajan, Late father -in -law of Karti Chidambaram.

The Wills of four owners of Advantage India were got in a raid by ED on the premises of Karti Chidambaram. The wills were handed over to the Supreme Court in the case of Aircel- Maxis. Copies have been handed over to CBI.  Karti Chidambaram is facing charge of having invested in Vasan Eye Care, a group of eye hospitals through his front companies. Secondly, he is said to be involved in the money laundering of Maxis, the Malaysian company who bought Aircel. Maxis is also facing charge that then Telecom minister Maran had arm twisted Sivasankaran who held Aircel shares to give it to them. In return Maxis invested in the DTH arm of Sun TV, owned by Kalanithi Maran.

Karti’s defence was that he had quit the company in 2011 and was not even a shareholder. In 2006, he bought the shares from his neighbour Mohan and in 2011, he gave it back. Usually in benami deals  there is no evidence in writing , to show that the investment is actually held by the real owner. It is based on trust. Here, Karti got the four owners of Advantage India to bequeath all the wealth held by Advantage India to his daughter after their death. All Wills were executed on the same day and had identical wording, except for change in names.

Advantage Singapore wholly owned by its Indian entity has invested millions in business and properties across Europe and in UK as well as US. The new revelation by The New Indian Express is bound to rock the two houses of Parliament. It will be a campaign tool for parties arraigned against Congress in the State elections.

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