I am no benami -Sasikala

Chennai, Apr27(tamilnaducentral): The properties of Sasikala are not benamis of Jayalalithaa, said lawyer Sekar at the Supreme Court. He argued that the properties owned by Sasikala cannot be clubbed along with Jayalalithaa and treated as benami of the latter.

As per records laid before the court, Sasikala, Ilavarasi and Sudhakaran own 306 properties. 63 of them are owned by Sudhakaran and Ilavarasi together. Sudhakaran’s properties are valued at Rs 1, 38,31,961 . Rs 6,91,81,200 is the value of Ilavarasi’s properties. These two are partners in Meta Agro Farms, Luxe properties, Ramraj Agro Mills and Riverway Agro and two other companies. The audit of the buildings and machinery conducted by DVAC clubbed all the three persons’ value at Rs 12.60 crore and shares in private companies at Rs 4.60 crores. Based on this, the Bengaluru special court found the accused guilty of having  disproportionate wealth.

Sasikala’s argument is that she or the other two are not benami holders of Jayalalithaa, as found by the special court. The lawyer said that there was no evidence to show that Jayalalithaa had any link to these properties. Karnataka Government has challenged the acquittal of Jayalalithaa, Sasikala, Ilavarasi and Sudharan in the DA case. Dave and P V Acharya are the counsel of the Government. On Tuesday, counter arguments on the submission by Sasikala will be held. The Government had already submitted the arguments on the case. Further arguments will start from next week.

A Madurai lawyer has filed a case saying the special prosecutor Acharya had written about the case in his memoirs and hence he cannot argue the case. Yet another related case is pending. The case is that Karnataka Government does not have any locus standi to go in appeal as the so-called DA case  took place in Tamil Nadu and was merely transferred to Karnataka High Court due to security reasons. As the offences took place in Tamil Nadu, the State police had filed a case. This was tried by a special court and later acquitted  and as nothing took place within its territory, Karnataka has no grounds to go in for an appeal. This case will come up next week.

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